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Identify the 7 Parts of Your Garage Door

Often, people have issues with their garage doors but they can’t even figure out what is wrong or what part is faulty. We’ll take a moment now to label and explain the parts of a garage door so the cause of any issue/problem can be easily identified. Doors and Sections The door has different sections… Continue reading Identify the 7 Parts of Your Garage Door

COVID-19 Alert

To our valued customers, WE ARE OPEN FOR SERVICE! We appreciate the trust you place in us every day. We know that many of you depend on us for the products and services needed for your homes. We are incredibly grateful to our technicians for their commitment to serving our customers during this


Open Garage Door Without Power

Most people don’t want to go out when the wind is strong and a storm is raging, but they don’t want to get locked in too. As a result of this, we get lots of calls from customers about their garage doors not opening as a result of power outage. If you find yourself in… Continue reading Open Garage Door Without Power

Garage Door Care – A Basic Check-Up

A cursory examination of your door can end up saving you money, time and sometimes needless headache.

Garage Door Tutorial: R-values

The garage door is a large fixture in a house; this makes it very susceptible to the most extreme weather. A garage door with adequate insulation helps prevent the transfer of cold breeze into your garage or