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Is There a Scary, Grinding Noise Coming From Your Garage Door?

Is There a Scary, Grinding Noise Coming From Your Garage Door?

Every time someone puts the garage door up or down are there ghastly noises that can be heard? Do appalling noises awaken you from a sound slumber?
Whatever is responsible for causing your garage door to sound like the track to a horror movie, the best thing to do is figure out what the cause is and get it fixed before your neighbours sign a petition to kick you off the street – or even worse – before a preventable injury occurs.

Where’s the noise coming from?

A garage door is not going to run completely silent, but there is a significant difference between normal sounding function and something similar to a chainsaw. All machines that have moving parts and gears, have numerous possibilities for the cause of the malfunction. Even brand-new garage door openers and garage doors can be surprisingly noisy, depending on how they are installed and which model was purchased.

Friction is the most common culprit of noise emanating from the garage door. Just like people, parts and mechanisms age, losing their lubrication and causing them to grind noisily against each other. Think rheumatoid arthritis! Screws and bolts can loosen, and other parts may need replacement due to wear. While it is normal for certain elements get slightly louder as they age, listen for the increasing sound that signifies major problems may be coming. Rollers and hinges on the door itself can have the same noise issues. I


If you are ready for some good news, roller and hinge noise is likely just more inconvenient and annoying than it is an actual problem. Some noise originates within the garage door, especially in those which have sustained damage or that are quite old, need to receive maintenance attention immediately to address safety concerns.

Is it a DIY project?

If your suspicion is that poor lubrication is causing your garage door to sound like the prop in a Haunted House, you can easily apply lubricant to any parts that move. Purchase either a lubricant that is specifically made to be used on garage door openers, or any other brand of lubricant which is silicone-based.  Stay away from WD-40!. Keep in mind that while your monster may be silenced, it can drip on your vehicle and attract even more dirt. Check to ensure that all bolts, screws, and nuts are secure and tighten any that are loose.


When to call a professional?

Err on the side of caution and call if you have any doubt about what to do next. Also call in the professionals when it is time to replace parts. If you currently have a model that is 1993 or older, your best bet will be to have it replaced. Newer versions are built better and run much quieter.