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Some Queries for Your Door Repair Service

Some Queries for Your Door Repair Service

If the unexpected happens, and you come home and push the garage door button and it doesn’t respond. You’re faced with 2 options; fix it yourself or call a garage door company.

If you decide to call a company-there are lots of services for door repairs, how do you choose?

See below some questions that should help you make your mind up.

  1. Is the door repair service qualified?

Confirm that the company or service is certified. Do their specialists partake in new training certifications to keep them current? Try to confirm that the representative sent to you is a professional and please, make sure you confirm his or her identity before letting them enter.

  1. Determine the sort of trade associations the service belongs to.

Responsible companies associate their business with local, national or customer guidance organization. Is the company a member of CAA Recommended?  Some companies are not. It is advisable to employ the services of a company that makes sure their customers are treated the right way. 

  1. How do other consumers rate the company?

Surf consumer websites like Google Places, and see how other users rate the company. Try searching for people in your immediate community and “door services” and see what your neighbor has to say about companies they’ve used before. This will also show many other companies involved in repairs in your locality. You should also talk to your close friends and family; hear about their experience with garage door repairs. Know the companies that give good services and the ones to avoid.

  1. Does the company have experience fixing the type of garage door that you use?

Some garage door services specialize in one type of repair. Most of the companies will fix springs, cables or roller doors, some may not. Make sure you know the company does the kind of repair you need.

  1. Does the company give services around your area?

It is highly probable that there are many garage door professional services available for repairs around you. Confirm that the one you’re considering is close to your home, or at least serve that particular area. Confirm this before you contact them for a check-up.

  1. How is their payment processed?

Beware of services that take only cash payments. This is a red flag that the company is operating with no proper license and may even owe tax. Honest services take any of cash, credit card or checks.

  1. Estimates

Most companies charge service fees for their repairs, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a free estimate while buying a new garage door though. When purchasing a new garage door, ask for estimates for at least 2 repair services. Every legit company gives estimates on new garage doors and door openers.

  1. When will the repairs be completed?

Some companies offer same day services, other offer next day services to their consumers. If you can’t get one of these services, find a company that can at least get all your repairs done in a sensible period of time. Please keep in mind that some periods of the year will be harder than others to get quick services.


  1. What kind of warranty do they offer?

Some garage door repair services offer warranties that are sometimes better than that of the manufacturer. Employ a company that is completely honest and straightforward about their warranty.
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